Renewable energy

Reducing environmental impact

Our factories are powered by 100%
renewable energy

Our factories are 100% powered by renewable energy provided by hydro and wind power plants. In addition, we have improved our energy efficiency (production/kWh consumed) by approx. 5%* since 2019.

Every year, we set new reduction targets to lower our environmental impact. We aim to reduce our energy consumption and environmental footprint through specific projects and initiatives.  

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Using surplus heat from production

How can we use resources most effectively? By optimising our use of energy, we can make a significant contribution to reducing our carbon footprint emissions. At our production facilities in Holstebro, we set up heat exchanger systems that send surplus heat from production to storage rooms and administrative areas. The reused heat covers a large portion of our heating needs. By using surplus heat from production, we have succeeded in reducing our annual energy consumption. Faerch will continue to implement new ideas and work ambitiously on energy and resource efficiency programmes that benefit the environment and climate.


* Covers the sites: Holstebro (DK), Liberec (CZ), Bunol (ES), Durham (UK), Sutton (UK), Poole (UK),
Annecy (FR), Lorient (FR).


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