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Safe, circular and high-performance
packaging for ready meals

Changes in lifestyle, eating patterns, and demographics are creating new trends in consumer behaviour and preferences. Persistent demand from time-poor consumers continues to drive growth in the ready meals sector. Consumers want their food served fast and for it to be safe, fresh, and tasty. At the same time, global awareness of food waste and climate change is growing. As a leading supplier of innovative food packaging, we are committed to designing safe and circular food packaging solutions. Our ready meal packaging made from CPET and PP are designed to help you deliver ready meal options that meet your customers’ needs.

Your ready meal product must be safe at all times. At Faerch, we never compromise on food safety or other functional properties. Our food packaging solutions for ready meals are designed to keep food safe at many different temperatures and also comply with the strictest regulations on food safety. Our trays are designed to prolong the shelf life of your ready meal products and help prevent food waste with effective physical protection. In addition, our trays boast premium point-of-sale appeal and consumer convenience with benefits such as oven-to-table features. To keep your business competitive, our food packaging solutions for ready meals are specially developed to optimise your operational efficiency and margin loss in production.


The key benefits of ready meal packaging made from CPET and PP

To help you optimise your business, whether its on the ground or in the air, our wide range of ready meal packaging made from CPET and PP offers cutting-edge design, exceptional quality, consumer convenience, superior POS performance, and reliable, on-time delivery.



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