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The market for fresh meat and other protein-rich products like poultry and fish is an important segment for food producers and retailers. In addition, this market is experiencing changes in consumer preferences and behaviour. Sustainability has become a greater concern among consumers, with some seeking to make a difference through their choice of food products. This includes a growing appetite for plant-based meat alternatives with high protein content and for healthy food options. As a consequence, fish, poultry, and plant-based protein products are gaining market share. While this trend is putting pressure on traditional meat producers, it also presents new opportunities for your business.

All our fresh meat packaging solutions are designed for food safety, extended shelf-lives, and outstanding point-of-sale performance. They comply with the strictest regulations while also optimising your production flow and total cost of ownership.



MAPET II meat tray by Faerch

How you can help solve food waste with effective fresh meat packaging

About one third of global food production is wasted every year. This is not just an immense waste of resources. It also represents a huge portion of the world’s carbon footprint. Addressing food waste has therefore never been more important, especially in energy-intensive categories like meat. As a food manufacturer or retailer, you can help tackle food waste through high-quality fresh meat packaging made from safe, hygienic, and protective materials that offer longer shelf life. All our products for fresh meat and protein ensure food safety and comply with the strictest regulations. Create the best conditions for your fresh meat product with MAPET II, PP , and PP-EVOH-PE.



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