Safe-T-Fresh® - Patented safety

Safe-T-Fresh® is a patented range using an exclusive anti-tamper closure system, a 100% safe innovative solution. The range is produced using recycled PET and is entirely recyclable. A PP version is available for microwaveable use.

Safe food protection, transparency and design are the hallmarks of Safe-T-Fresh®, designed to maximize the appeal of packaged products and promote their sale in all product categories, maintaining freshness for a long time.

Safety First

Safe-T-Fresh® was designed and patented in the USA. After September 11th, 2001, the way people perceive safety has changed, becoming an absolute priority, especially in food. The market needed a solution that allowed people to always be sure that the only person touching the food is the customer who buys it. Moreover, being sure that the product purchased by the consumer has not been touched and contaminated by external agents is a guarantee of freshness and quality.

Making tampering evident

Attention is often focused on the aspects of protection and hygiene: a well-protected food is safe food, both hygienically and mechanically. The integrity of the packaging plays a great role in reassuring customers of food safety. If a container cracks or is visibly damaged, then the risk of food contamination is high, and the customer can be well aware of this. The purpose of Safe-T-Fresh® is making any attempt to tampering evident.  

Design and transparency are key values

Nowadays, there is a much-crowded offering of solutions on the shelves, so, when it comes to choosing, people are looking for products that stand out and can offer a particular advantage against the competition. Transparency, especially food-wise, and beauty are key values at this stage of the customer journey. Being able to see the content with no obstruction and with maximum clarity allows the customer to evaluate the condition of food and guides its purchase.

Convenience and practicality

To satisfy a much more dynamic lifestyle, people are looking for practicality and convenience. Comfort and ease of use are key points for a product destined to the grab 'n' go/on-the-go market. With this solution, Faerch gives customers the possibility to select among a wide variety of containers, also with fork, which they can open and close whenever they need to, and that prevent any unwanted spillage.


Safe-T-Fresh® - Selected PET products


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