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We serve your business with innovative and circular food packaging solutions

Food packaging serves a number of important purposes. Packaging keeps food safe and protects it from outside contamination. Packaging helps avoid food waste and reduce carbon emissions. For more than 50 years, we have served leading food manufacturers and retailers worldwide with innovative and circular packaging designed to keep food safe and fresh, prolong its shelf life, and reduce food waste. 

With extensive industry knowledge and expertise, we help our customers solve demanding challenges in food packaging across sectors. For ready meals, fresh meat and protein, food to go, and dairy products. Our packaging solutions are designed to be recycled for a circular economy while also meeting the strictest and most demanding regulatory requirements. Whether you need a standard or custom solution, our food packaging products meet your every packaging need.


Products designed to meet your expectations

Protective and safe

Secure food safety, comply with the strictest regulation, and extend shelf life to avoid food waste.

Sustainable and truly circular

All our mono PET solutions allows true circularity, contains market leading recycled content and are fully recyclable to new food grade products.


Provide solutions along vast range of shapes, sizes and designs - in clear or multiple colours.

Convenient for consumers

Avoid food waste and offering maximum convenience for consumers.

Performing well at Point of Sale (POS)

Provide eye-catching on-shelf appeal, extended shelf life and easy logistical handling.

Easy to handle in production

Designed to optimise production flow, supply chain and total cost of ownership.


How high-performance food packaging
can help grow your business

When it comes to selling food products, choosing the right packaging solution is key.

Consumers want easy-to-use, appealing, and functional food packaging products. With our extensive industry knowledge and expertise, we help you solve your food packaging challenges.

Our wide range of food packaging products are designed to meet the most demanding of expectations. They are designed for consumer convenience, superior point-of-sale performance, and the optimisation of your production flow and total cost of ownership – without compromising on food safety or any functional properties.



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